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Mira Hair Oil - An all Natural Product

Posted on June 28 2013

Mira Hair Oil, a completely natural blend of oils that heals the scalp and hair from the prolonged abuse of chemical treatments, heat and the stress at the follicle from weaves and hair extensions induced scalp damage. It replenishes hair that has been overworked and is not easy to manage. Today many women are returning to natural hair care and away from the heavy, toxic chemicals of hair treatments, scalp and hair stressing hair extenders. Mira offers the optimum start for the natural rebalancing of hair health that begins under the scalp.

Mira will halt hair loss, greatly accelerate hair growth, brings a healthy glow with just a two minute application, remove chemical product buildup, moisturizes, eliminate split ends, Hair becomes more manageable after the first application. Mira works with all hair types; oily, normal, dry, wavy, kinky, straight, permed and chemically treated curly hair.

What is Mira Oil?

Mira oils are derived from a 5000 year old procedure developed in India of blending approximately 15 oils and herbs into a hair oil, some ingredients will remain secret in the preparation. This procedure was an Indian royal secret for centuries. Some of those ingredients are as follows

Eclipta Alba — A sunflower like plant that is commonly known as ‘fake daisy’; the flower is common in India. There are numerous health benefits associated with the fake daisy that humans have used for centuries. Fake daisy is a proven hair grower that works in the follicles. Eclipta Alba is also a powerful antimicrobial. The hair follicle can harbor many types of bacteria and viruses, dead skin cells and old oily residue. These are usually minor or even unknown to the person, but to the scalp and hair the damage can be apparent after time. Eclipta Alba is one of Mira Oil’s main ingredients.

Cocos Nucifera — Also known as coconut oil; coconut oil is well known for being great for hair and scalp, but the most popular and common use is on the scalp. Hair relies heavily on protein and coconut oil does a wonderful job of helping to preserve the protein at the follicle. Coconut oil seeps into the pores on the scalps and into the hair follicle and facilitates healing of the tiny fissures that cause protein and subsequently hair loss. Coconut oil also preserves hydration of the hair and scalp. Hair that isn’t properly hydrated will become brittle and break easily. Coconut oil is a natural moisture seal.

Lawsonia Inermis Henna — It’s been used for natural dying of hair and skin and various other health benefits. There is a decent amount of Henna in Mira but it won’t cause dying of hair. Henna will however replenish the proteins and amino acids necessary for robust hair growth. These natural proteins and amino acids bond naturally to the skin and hair shaft and give hair a fuller healthier affect.

Bacopa Monnieri — Mira follows Ayurvedic medicine fundamentals. Ingredients must be combined in a specific way to be effective. Bacopa Monnieri is one of the strongest plants for Ayurvedic applications. Bacopa Monnieri is an anti-aging tonic, circulation enhancer and potent exfoliant. But in this hair produce Bacopa Monnieri is employed according to Ayurvedic medical principles as a blender of the various oils.

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How is Mira Oil used?

The paramount instruction here is to use Mira daily. The daily soothing and re-nutrition of the hair and scalp will show outstanding results. Sometimes financial concerns will only allow application of 3 or 4 times a week, but daily application brings optimum results.

Wash the hair and scalp before applying Mira oil, washing the hair removes the build up of old oils, chemical residues (if any), remnants of past shampoos and the ever present dirt and grime that accumulate on the hair and settle on the scalp from daily living. Washing the hair and scalp allows Mira’s oils and nutrients to have clearer access to the pores, hair follicles and to also absorb into the hair shaft to restore its fullness and moisture.

Eat healthier and exercise: Including healthier choices in the diet plan will assist Mira oil’s hair and scalp restoration to grow fuller, healthier hair. Exercise is great for circulation; good circulation gives the whole body a glow. Let Mira’s natural organics be a catalyst to a healthier life in general.

Mira hair oil is a stunning hair growth stimulator; it restores a healthy glow to the hair and heals the scalp. Ayurvedic medicine principles of balanced organically grown and gathered ingredients ensure that the whole body will benefit from using this product. The oil is light, unrefined and has a pleasing aroma. The oil reconstitutes the hair and scalp from the damage done by chemical treatments, dyes, harsh shampoos and the deterioration due to heat treatments.

Mira has been attributed to hair growth of 3 to 4 inches a month. The nutrients and oils are naturally derived to assure the scalp, hair and the body as a whole drinks them up, the whole continence will be boosted. Mother Nature is the best healer and most nutritiously abundant giver. Mira hair oil has been said to be her gift.

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